Assessment-and-ReportingHow do we communicate student learning?



Student learning and progress is continually communicated from the classroom to families through the online portfolio ‘Seesaw’. Each year students are enrolled in their class Seesaw portfolio and parents are invited to access their child’s portfolio. Students and teachers can upload work samples, learning reflections and feedback. Parents can also comment on their child’s work and /or leave a ‘like’. Students can see when their parents have seen their work and read ongoing feedback from both teachers and parents.



Semester Reports

Each semester a formal standardised report is published for parents. This clearly communicates the level of achievement against the Curriculum and also breaks down each learning area in a rubric into a five point assessment scale (Not Yet Evident, With Teacher Support, Working Towards, Established, Beyond Expected Level).



Parent/Teacher/Student Conferences

At the beginning of the year, St Bede’s hold parent/student/teacher ‘Getting to Know You’ learning conferences.  At these conferences the focus is for families to share important knowledge of their child with their classroom teacher. Students share their initial goals that have been identified through assessment and teacher feedback.

At the end of Term Two, parent/student/teacher learning conferences are held. During these conferences teachers will provide an insight into each child’s progress. Students also discuss their achievements and their ongoing goals.