In recent years, the parishes of St Anne’s, East Kew and St Bede’s, North Balwyn have developed a partnership and as a result of this, a new parish education board has emerged. Each school along with members of the local parishes meet regularly to develop and profile the role of education in our community.


Membership of the Parish Education Board incorporates:

  • The Parish Priest
  • Parish Pastoral Associate
  • School Principals
  • Staff Representatives
  • St Bede’s Parent Representatives
  • St Anne’s Parent Representatives
  • St Bede’s and St Anne’s Parish Groups, e.g. Baptism Group, RCIA


This is an advisory board which supports the Parish Priest, School Principals and parishioners in the education and development of all community members.

Membership of the Board is open to any parents interested in discussing and promoting education. Nominations and elections for the School Board take place in February of each year.